Saturday, September 27, 2008

18 ppl, a hostess w/ Asperger's Syndrome, and CHAOS

I am completely exhausted today. I'm not sure why. We went to see a new doctor recently. He's a really neat guy! He's an Md & naturopath and homeopath. He has put us on GFCF diet, limited sugar, increase veggies, starches (not carbs), and not so much chicken. Mix it up a bit.

It's been interesting. I was so distraught to give away my whole, organic, raw milk. But I did end up giving it to a friend in need (6 children and no milk and no money to buy milk!) so all was not lost.

That same day I had another friend over. Her vehicle had broken down and she was stranded clear across town from her home (about 30 minutes) with 3 little girls, one of whom is newborn. So we called around for about a half hour and finally found someone who could get her. So my neighbor went and rescued her & her kidlets and brought her to my house. When my husband got home, he took her & her girls home.

We have only 1 vehicle for our family and it's a stick shift. I can't drive a stick shift. Hence, the reason my husband drove her home and not me. Also, our car seats 5. There's no way I could have driven her home and taken her kids AND mine. Yeah, no.

So I had about 18 ppl in my house that day. I was completely out of my mind. It was so chaotic!

But once everyone went home things calmed down. :D

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Casdok said...

Does sound chaotic! Glad to hear it all calmed down!