Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gifts and after-school irritation

I had purchased my kids each a present today. My older son is interested in chess so we found a wooden chess/checkers/Chinese checkers board on sale at Target. The board flips over for Chinese checkers. My daughter likes Barbie & Polly Pocket so we bought her a tiny Polly-type Barbie. We also bought her a 3-pack of Hannah Montana pencils. We bought the baby a Cookie Monster. He likes to eat Cookie's eyes.

We did this because my daughter has been wanting presents to unwrap. lol!

Well, when my kids walked in from the bus, so did 4 other ppl. My friend, her daughter and niece, and another neighbor kid. My friend said they were just saying "Hi" and they were going. They were in my house maybe 30 seconds.

The only thing that slightly bugged me was that my friend's daughter asked for an apple and I wanted to say no, but didn't.

I feel like a jerk for thinking this because it's selfish
, but here goes... The apples are for my kids and their lunches and their snacks. I'm typically very generous and wouldn't deny a child a piece of fruit, but I just went grocery shopping and am limited on what fruits my daughter will eat. (Apples are one of the few.) Additionally, we only have 1 vehicle and it's a stick shift. I don't drive stick and my husband isn't always available for grocery store trips. (He does this thing called 'work'. It's kind of important.) Walking is not an option for me. (Texas. It's hot and I fatigue easily.)

So anyway, back to my story -- The neighbor girl asked for an apple. I said yes and just figured I'd let it go, not a big deal, really. I know that's a silly thing to be upset over. Besides, if a kid wants a fruit or veggie, by all means, eat it! It's healthier than chips or candy, right? Besides, it's one apple. Come on.

What irritated me was that the other neighbor girl that came in w/ everyone just helped herself to an apple and rushed out my door! She never asked, never said thanks, nothing. That irritated me. The rudeness. But this kid is rude anyway. I do what I can to put up boundaries, but I'm not always successful.

And all the while my kids were gleefully opening their gifts, excited, happy, and I missed it. :( (Thirty seconds goes fast w/ all the hubbub!)

Anyway, my son LOVES his chess/checker board and my daughter LOVES her tiny Barbie and her Hannah pencils. I'm glad. I had a hard time picking for her, so success is great!

I'm just really irritated that I missed their joy because I was distracted.

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fossie! said...

Sorry you missed capturing their joy Carrie, that is a tough one. I understand though, and I would have been irritated too. Maybe next time the kids can wait til everyone leaves to open their gifts, and you can make sure the parent knows they are. Next time she might ask you if it's a good time to stop in before she abruptly walks into your home like that. The kids and apples would irritate me too. But all in all your kids will remember you love them enough to reward them with small treasures and that is what matters. :) You're a good mom.