Thursday, October 2, 2008

Autism X Six

I just watched the program on Discovery Health called "Autism X Six" and I have to say, it was really interesting. The family has 6 children, all of them fall somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. Their older 3 all have Asperger's, like my son and I, while another 2 have classic Autism, and the youngest has PDD-NOS.

Watching their 9 yr old Aspie was not unlike watching my own 8.5 yr old Aspie.

I've set my DVR to record each new episode. I do wish I could figure out when it will be on; I've been unsuccessful in that regard. I'll keep looking, but for now my DVR will do it for me. :)

The family's websites can be found here:
Autism Bites
Autism Bites Blog

Did anyone else see this program? Please share your thoughts!

*ETA: Apparently it was only a single episode. Bummer! Although I did wonder how well those kids would have handled being on camera constantly.


FieldingHurst said...

This was a 1 episode program, not a series on this family.

Carrie said...

Was not aware of that. The previews made it look like there would be more.

DiVaughn said...

We didn't see any previews. I actually got an email from Future Horizons!

We were pretty much glued to the show. Now THAT is real reality tv!

You know, Discovery sometimes follows up with families...the Duggars come to mind. You never know. :)