Thursday, April 2, 2009

Calling All Cooks! We're giving up take out/restaurant meals! Whatever will I do?!

I'm on a search for favorite recipes! I have made a goal for next week NOT to eat out AT ALL (save for a Starbucks run, perhaps) next week until Sunday. My Twitter & Facebook followers all say I can do it! I have to admit, however, that I am a little nervous...

Ideally, we need to be GFCF, but at this point I will start w/ whole foods and minimally processed stuff. For our bread needs we'd buy Food for Life brand items. They make delicious Ezekiel 4:9 bread & tortillas/wraps as well as other sprouted grain items.

I need dinner ideas (I can do leftover lunches!) and breakfast ideas. EASY is great, especially for breakfast. :)

So lay it on me! What are your tried and true family favorites? Leave a couple recipes for me in the comments and I'll try them out over the next week or 2. When we've tried everything, I'll post them all in a nifty new blog post w/ my family's ratings.

Thanks!! :D


Mama Kalila said...

Good luck! I have some recipes posted on my site, but not many... But... the MPM links have a ton more and so do a few blogs on my blog list... I'm about to add one from a friend soon too that has only crockpot recipes.

Sarie said...

you can do it!!! And you don't even need to be miss suzy homemaker either LOL

ok easy peasy is what I like... but we also like full flavor, and as you know do the gfwf (mostly dairy free also) hardly any processed foods, etc.

these are some of my fams dinner favs:

sausage w/ white bean italian soup

spagetti, meat sauce, veggie

grilled chicken, pinto, red rice, salad, guacamole

oven roasted chicken, potato, veggie

potato tacos

chicken tostadas (not quick but oh so good!)

shrimp in lemon-white-wine-garlicy sauce, pasta, veggie

"american" style tacos. whole foods has really good crunchy shells that are wf.

if you want a recipe or how we do stuff lmk. also, I'll wrack my brain for more stuff...

Sarah said...

This is my fave crock pot mash-up:

*1 pound roast in french onion soup or beef stock + water, just enough to cover entire roast.

*Red potatoes, whatever looks like enough. I usually leave them whole if they are tiny, or cut them in to fourths if they are larger.

*Carrots, same as above. I usually don't put enough carrots in and regret it later (usually an entire bag of baby carrots).

*An entire medium to large onion, chopped.

*Garlic, I usually put quite a bit in (at least 2-3 cloves, chopped).

*Salt and Pepper (the good grinder stuff). A lot.

*A good few shakes of worcestershire sauce.

*Whatever else looks good to throw in. I would think maybe tomatoes would be good in it, but I hate them.

*A pinch of cinnamon, too much will ruin it.

I tried celery in it once, but I can't remember if it was good or not.

When I put the lid on my crock pot the potatoes and carrots are almost up to the top if not all the way, if that gives you an idea how many to put in.

Turn it on low and let it sit for 12 +/- hours. I usually throw it in the night before but I like the meat so it literally falls apart.

I think that's everything, it's extremely simple and one of my favorite things to make (and friggin' tasty).

Mama Kalila said...

That last one reminded me, look at my link to Bubble and Squeak (is only a few posts down now lol). Its pretty easy to make and tastes great... Is hamburger meat (can be left out) potatoes, onions and cabbage.