Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bullies and clothes: A Ramble

So we've had some busy stuff lately. I don't have a particular subject in mind today, so this might be a bit rambly.

I'm feeling kind of bleh lately. I guess that's the "malaise" part of my diagnosis. I also have been feeling very worn out - the "fatigue" part. :P

We've been more active, as a family, and it's going well. We try to walk every other night and we really enjoy it. We leave about 6PM and get home around 9. We go to Barnes & Noble, maybe pick up a few grocery items, and head home. The kids enjoy it, but our daughter gets tired easily. I've considered bringing both strollers so she can ride in one. I know it seems weird since she's almost 7 yrs old, but I think she just needs time to get used to it. Also, she tends to wear bad shoes. Flip flops and sandals have been her choice the last 2 times. I think tonight we'll have her wear sneakers and see if it helps.

Speaking of my almost 7 yr old daughter, she's been getting picked on by a girl in the neighborhood. I'm not sure how to handle it. I talk to the girl doing the bullying and I talk to my girl, but I don't often see the kid's mom and haven't had a chance to talk with her. I plan to, but I want to say it in a non-confrontational way. The mom has far more on her plate right now than most single moms do, so I want to be gentle, but also stand up for my daughter.

I think I'll also speak with the school counselor.

Today I need to go through my daughter's laundry. She has more clothes than she knows what to do with! I'm not kidding. So I intend to pick out a handful of outfits and put the rest away for next winter. She's petite, so she'll wear this same size for quite some time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey...I just read about a conference or something on girls and bullying going on in Austin. Do you still have my email?